My 5 Favorite Moments of 2017

Every year I think to myself: I'm going to do this, do that, save this much money, go here, etc. Sometimes I don't achieve all my goals (ahem, blogging frequently), but sometimes, they do happen, and sometimes goals don't even happen but really good days do. So, looking back on the eventful year of 2017, here are my top 5 favorite moments:

The Escape Room Dominators!

Back in March Chris's sister Tricia invited us to experience our first ever escape room. I heard a lot about them and was very intrigued but never really knew how to go about getting a group together and actually doing one. Well, to say the least we fell in love. It's high adrenaline, very on your toes, and so much fun to do it with a group who is as obsessed as you! There are 6 of us that do them about once a month and we've yet to NOT escape! We are on a roll which is why we call ourselves The Escape Room Dominators!

Epic Cheese Plates

It's no surprise I love cheese, but every time I have an opportunity to make one I try to go all in! Any event, whether it's Chris and I cooking for ourselves or we're having people over I want to have a cheese plate! I've created a good amount over 2017 but I have to say my favorite was definitely for my 30th birthday-huge, extravagant and all the fixings I've ever wanted for a joyful 20 minutes, because it was eaten all up by then!

Writing Jobs!

I found this blog back in 2015 and didn't realize just how much I loved to write. Back in college I had to write long term papers on topics that did not interest me so I just associated not fun topics with the hatred for writing. Once I found my niche of personal story telling through Good Days Only I realized, hey! I actually LOVE to write! Since October 2016 I've been writing for a PR company called 100eats and was hired on as their Digital Marketing Content Coordinator. From there I've been writing Instagram captions for all the restaurants they promote (dream job!). I've also gotten my foot in the door with writing about fun experiences with Foodbeast and am going to be a contributing writer for Sauté Magazine in 2018. I'm really excited to see where 2018 and my writing gigs take me!

Lots of Weekend Trips

Looking back I didn't realize how many trips I actually took. From Palm Springs, Encinitas, taking the train into Downtown LA and San Diego, Vegas and Texas, I went to quite a few places. It's always nice to get away, even if it's just for a day, a few days or a week. I like exploring and when you're with good company it makes it even better!
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Turning 30

When I turned 29 in 2016 I knew I had a year to prepare myself for the big 3-0. I had a lot of back and forth of excitement and nervousness, and mostly nervousness because it's a new decade and I'm getting older. But, after turning 30 I'm actually really excited for this new decade. I'm much more confident in myself than I was in my 20s. I finally found my passion in which I'm going to make a career. And this is the decade I hope to buy a house, get dogs and start a family! And, this year I get to celebrate 10 years with Chris! So, my 30s are looking quite great!

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