An End to a New Beginning

When Chris and I began really house searching over 6 months ago, I was excited. I was excited because I knew we'd have the opportunity to find something a little bigger, with a backyard and an extra room and hopefully a lot of windows. I was excited because we'd finally (finally!) get out of our, my quote, tiny ass kitchen, and have space to cook! Do dishes! Have a bigger fridge! I was excited for all those things! And so, when we finally found THE ONE, it was nothing but excitement. We put our offer back in late May knowing we'd have a long escrow period. We began preparing ourselves mentally but overall, were just counting down the days we'd move in. The feeling of so close, yet so far crept up to me the last 45 days in the apartment. Ugh, it's too hot, neighbor is noisy, can't WAIT to get out of our tiny bathroom and can't wait to finally not prep a dish over clean dishes. Every nuance was heightened because I just couldn't wait to get out and start anew. Well, here we are, in our brand new place! What's weird though is I feel somewhat homesick. I don't think I fully took the last 7 years of mine and Chris's life at The Dewella in - I was so ready to get out. And, now I am out, and I feel a little sad. Not because I have moved into a new place I love so dearly, but because a chapter of my life is closing. All my memories in my old apartment are now memories which I hold so dear to my heart. I'll always remember fitting close to 40 people in our one bedroom apartment for the many parties we had. Always having friends over so we could cook and entertain for them. My morning walks into Downtown and up the hills through the neighborhood of all the homes I loved so dearly. All the quick walks to work at coffee shops or grab a bite to eat. Just driving home, after a long day wanting to just lay on the couch and veg. The many shows Chris and I have binged on our couch trying to find the angle where we're both comfortable and I am mostly lying down and because Chris is the best, mostly sitting. All the plants that have lived and died in our apartment, and the many room arrangements I've tried to feng shui the shit out of. The many times Chris has woken up early in the morning to fire up the smoker and always remembering to text our upstairs neighbor "I'm smoking today". The New Year's parties and walks, front lawn hangs, the pond and the fountain and the neon Dewella sign. I'm going to miss it! The Dewella was really good to us and it was our first residence together. It's where Chris and I really grew as a couple and developed a strong bond. I am sad to see it go, but, am so very excited for this new chapter in mine and Chris's lives. We're now in a new downtown with more counter space and opportunities to really entertain. Memories will be made in the Jewell house for sure, and honestly, I can't wait.


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