Why Not Live the Most While Doing the Least?

So here's a thought: why not (try to) live the most while doing the least in quarantine? I'm trying to find ways to make life feel a little fun while isolated and feel very lucky and fortunate I'm able to do so. So here's a random list of things I found helpful during day.....? of quarantine that requires little to no effort but brings spirits high.

  1. COCKTAILS! I'm a big, big, big fan of cocktails and yeah, I'm that asshole that will shell out $15 for one. Anyway, I've been finding the random stuff I have on deck (orange juice, lemon juice, aperol, bitters, sparkling water, etc.) and have been experimenting with cocktails. The other day I wanted an Aperol Spritz but didn't have Prosecco so subbed tequila for it and created a cocktail with 1 part tequila, 1/2 part Aperol, 2 parts orange juice, cinnamon and then shake it up in a shaker and serve it up over ice. TASTED LIKE A REALLY REFRESHING GOOD TIME!
  2. ORGANIZE/REARRANGE! So this might take a little physical effort but it feels good. I organized the spice pantry and got rid of a lot of way-in-the-back-of-the-cupboard shit and labeled the spices with painters tape on their lids cause that's all I got at the moment but felt PRODUCTIVE!
  3. SIT IN THE SUN! California has been having gloomy/rainy days and some sunny days but the forecast ahead looks like it's going to be perfect days to get some Vitamin D! Pull up that camping chair, or sit on a blanket and make a picnic! Grab a drink! Sit and enjoy the warmth!
  4. PUT ON MUSIC! AND LOUD! I've noticed when I put on music at a very high volume I INSTANTLY feel better. Music is all the things it needs to be to my emotions and I begin to feel the stress or bug or frustration or whatever melt off me. Here's a good playlist to get you started...

5.   To piggy back #4 HAVE A DANCE PARTY! Lately I've been putting on some Beyoncé or other dance music and I've been having aggressive solo dance parties in the living room. IT FEELS AMAZING! It's win/win because I'm listening to music AND moving my body and those two things together release the endorphins!

6.    MAKE THE BED! I know this one is so simple and you probably already do it but I feel like I have my shit together and feel organized when the bed is made. I walk by the room and think WOO! Life is together and that feels good!

7.   OPEN ALL THE WINDOWS! As in open those blinds! Let the light in! Open the actual window if you want to get some fresh air in! As soon as I open the blinds my mood is lifted! It's just so nice to get that natural light in.

8.  TAKE A LONG WALK! Okay, requires a little bit of effort but go at your own pace. Admire your neighborhood. Check out all the plants blooming in spring. Take photos! Say hello to the people on their walks too (while keeping your distance), listen to music/a podcast/an audiobook you've been wanting to listen to, soak in being outside!

9.   WRITE LETTERS TO YOUR LOVED ONES! When's the last time you wrote a letter just because? Do it! It will feel good for you but also will be a nice surprise for the person on the receiving end.

10.  TELL EVERYONE YOU LOVE YOU LOVE THEM! Simple. Can be text, Facetime, etc. But just let them know you love them and you're thinking about them and send them a virtual hug!

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