Austin, TX

One of My Favorite Places...

Is Austin, TX. Chris and I decided to take a mini vacation to a city we love such much. We didn't do too much we haven't done before, like pose infront of the Austin sign, experience delicious BBQ, drink coffee and experience food carts. Clearly all we did on the trip was eat. But we also walked. Austin is so small that you can really experience it by foot, which was different than we did last time since we had a car. It was so fun because we really took it slow and experienced the city.


Espresso and gelato from probably the best place I've had gelato... and then more ice cream
ice cream

austin motel

So close yet so far out, Man


Art is a plenty here in Austin. So pleasing!

I found my place, I believe it's destiny. Austin or Bust?

Until next time Austin.

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