I was sick this week and took off Tuesday and Wednesday to recover. I'm still not 100% with a cough, stuffy nose and legs feeling a little weak. Haven't done a good workout yet and laying around being immobile probably isn't helping the cause. I'm really hoping to be 100% by the weekend because I have stuff to do! I decided I'm going to bring out my REAL camera this weekend to get back in the habit and hobby of using it. Not a photographer at all and actually set it on Automatic to make it easier for me (one day I'll be really comfortable with manual). There's a NOODS fest to attend, bikes to be ridden, photos to be taken, and relaxing to be had. Let's hope I'm sick free by all these events!

Here's what made me happy this week:

A little envious of this Fiddle. Mine is currently in the midst of SAD (seasonal affective disorder).

I decided I'm an extravagant earring girl, through and through. Necklaces are cool but don't really work for me. Rings...I deadlift, sooo...that doesn't work. Earrings, YAS they elevate my jeans and t-shirt to SOPHISTICATION! HAH, but really, I love statement earrings and when I found them it wasn't even a matter of yes or no but how soon I could get them.

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This cooking with Liz thing is pretty stupid. But it's also pretty fun. So mine as well keep doing it. S02E01.2018!

So I'm not one that likes to brag about the things or brands I buy because quite honestly, I think it's tacky. But, I'm gonna have to be tacky for a minute and give you this back story. When I first discovered Chloé, oh I don't know...around my early 20s, it was love at first sight. I saw their handbags and knew I wanted one, and it was something I wanted to work toward (the bags ain't cheap). I always had a goal to purchase but it had to be the perfect one, one I know I'd wear for years and carry on to my kids if I ever had any. Well, Sunday was the day. I spotted this bag on as a waist belt bag (if you know me you know I'm obsessed with fanny packs), and thought THIS IS IT, I AM BUYING A CHLOÉ! Mind you, I've been working MY ASS off with two jobs pulling in around 50 hours a week doing digital marketing and then my day job. I've been saving most of it because goals=house, but I wanted to have a little fun. I decided, fuck it, I'm going to treat myself and buy this bag I've been fantasizing about for over a decade! I did it, and it's an empowering moment to have and keep working my ass off, to be able to afford it on my own, and to do it! So, tacky, maybe, but stoked? ABSO-FUCKING-LUTELY!

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