Okay, so the GOAL (and I capitalize it to emphasize goal) was to post every Friday of the things I'm excited about. Clearly, I failed last week (work in progress) but here I am this week! Being back at my day job has my days booked which is why the blog stopped consistency. But goals are to work towards. Chris and I had a conversation this past weekend between the difference of motivation and discipline. Motivation is the spark that lit the fire, discipline is to keep the spark lit. For forever, I was always driven by motivation, but I decided after this past weekend, 2018 is going to be my year of discipline. At least work towards discipline since I know it can't always happen overnight. First order of discipline is a cute calendar, but until then, things making me happy this week:

A constant reminder attached to my keys the weekend is always coming!

escape room dominators
Yes! We did it again! Escaped another one! The puzzles in this one were different than any other escape room so it was challenging in a very good way!

So beautiful with a literal breath of fresh air

I was really emotional this past week for no particular reason. I had this wave of feeling really connected to Chris and appreciating the person he is to me and others around me, and really feeling grateful that he's my life partner and we choose to share our lives together. This photo was taken because I had that wave of emotion of feeling very appreciative and grateful.

Hanging out with my brothers. It's rare these days we all get together now that we're all adults and have our own lives (so crazy to say Brad is an ADULT!). This was a fun day of exploring, enjoying each other's company and having some good laughs.

Happy. Happy to be spending time with family. Happy to get out of the house and experience this tranquil garden. Just happy.

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