Hooray for FriYAY!

These last few weeks have been really great. The holidays are always an exceptional time because I see family more, friends more and there's always so much to do! After the New Year I always feel a little sad, and not because the holidays are over necessarily, but because life has slowed down a bit, celebrations aren't taking place and I'm not seeing those I love as frequently. Moving forward, 2018 is the year I blog more and hone in on positivity. Every week, on Friday (my favorite day), I'm corralling a few things that inspired me, made me feel good, or just something I really liked/loved throughout the week.
(and full disclosure, another goal is learning to do illustrator so I can great my own cool, graphics. In the meantime, the notes app works. HAHAH!)

Not ready to take the celebration balloons from 2017 to 2018 down just yet.

pretty flowers
Color and beautiful flowers from a friend, a few of my favorite things.

Stoked on this one! Bought myself a bike (and Chris did too)! Excited for our biking adventures!

New bathroom decor! Puns are my favorite and my good friend Jessy made this planter! I found the hola sign because it just felt right.

The perfect luggage tag for my upcoming goals this year: ADVENTURE!

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