Or, more professionally speaking, extensions!

For most my life, I've always had short hair; with a couple years of so desperately trying to grow out my hair long, and then not going in for routine trims, and wore the ends out so much it just looked like a stringy mess. My girl, Regi, who does my color posted on Instagram that she wanted to practice doing extensions and calling all people who wanted to be her guinea pig. I totally trust her with my color and hair and I thought, why not try this out? She's so professional, precise, and detail oriented that I knew she'd do a good job. So, yesterday, with a Monday off, I did it! I sat in her chair and let her work her magic and MY GOD am I obsessed! I always was so curious what it would be like to have THICK AND LONG mermaid hair that I could not naturally grow out, so I added them! Who knows how long I will keep them (to be honest the goal is to keep them until my real hair is this long), but for now I am living in Fantasyland with some long, luscious locks.

long hair

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