Road Trip

So, long story short, I was getting a new car! However, it was in Houston, Texas with Chris's parents (Hi Kim and Saad!) and so, Chris and I obviously had to make a road trip out of it! We spent the week totally indulging- in company, food, drinks, our favorite city, hook ups to fancy hotel rooms in Vegas and each other. It was fun to not think about work for a week and just let the day take its course. Our trip began in Houston with his parents where we spent a few days catching up and enjoying our time together-we only see them a few times a year so it's always a treat when we do get to spend time to together. Since Austin is three hours away from Houston and it's both one of Chris and my favorite cities it was definitely going to be a stop for 2 days on our trip.

Next we spent seven hours in the car to Roswell, New Mexico to soak in the kitchiness of the aliens. Sad news though: there were no aliens and the UFO museum resembles something like a 4th grade tri-fold science project. However, there were authors all over the place trying to sell their books in stores really hard and they may have been aliens....

Next we spent 11 hours in the car to Vegas. Vegas wouldn't have necessarily been our top choice because although I think it's a fun city, Chris hates it. But, we were heading there because I was meeting up with his sister (Hi Tricia!) and friends (Hi Jess! Hi Jackie!) for our annual Magic Mike trip. Yup, it's a thing. Chris then drove home and I flew home from Vegas with the ladies. Anyway, this trip was such a a fun one and here are photos to prove it! Most of them are from Austin, because that city it just so damn great. And Roswell I didn't take any, but I'll paint you a picture: we're in a Holiday Inn at the hotel bar talking to a guy with a pony tail in a Von Dutch hat. We also go to a wine bar that serves mediocre $50 ribeye. The next day we go into town and check out a 4th grade science project-pretty cool, they rented a whole room to paste newspaper clippings!

I took some photos in Vegas, but I had an unfortunate event where I dropped my camera (oops) and my lens stopped working (fucking fail). Okay okay okay, enough talk. PICTURES!

First ones up: Austin, Day 1:


Okay so if you know me, you know anytime there are good looking cacti I have to pose!


I felt cute, okaaaaay?









The patio of one of my favorite hotels there, Hotel San Jose. Cute, qaint, and really good drinks.




The hotel we DID stay at this time: Austin Motel Realized I didn't take photos of the room! But I did get the decorations of the pool!


Austin, Day 2:

The goal: find BBQ and wander. That's what we did. Also, I should mention we went to an amazing Vietnamese restaurant called Elizabeth St. (fitting), and damn was it good! I didn't get photos at this point in the night due to lighting, but if you ever go to Austin, go there!


BBQ Cart. Part of the reason I love Austin so much! There are so many trailer food parks with different options and picnic tables to sit and eat and meet new people!










Austin, Austin, are forever one of my favorite cities and I love you so much!



Somewhere between Austin and New Mexico, or maybe between New Mexico and Vegas. Whatever. Road trip!

Vegas Day 1, not very many photos! But a story about our dope hotel room. Chris used hotel tonight while in Roswell and the prices were right so we figured we'd use it for Vegas. Doing some research we found out Caesar's Palace had a room for $150/night. Cool, in our budget. We thought it'd be the back room with the view of the freeway and a small but also comfortable room. Didn't matter to us as long as we got a bed. We checked in, was given our room number and headed up to the 43rd floor. As we're walking down the hall looking for a our room number the first single door wasn't it, the second single door wasn't it...alas, our room. It was double doors. A suite, perhaps. Chris and I looked at each other with whaaaaaat kind of looks on our faces, shrugged and then placed the key to see if it was a go. First, I thought it was a mistake when the light turned green but, the door handle turned. In we went, to a fucking grand foye (is that even how you spell it?!) with marble floors and mirrors and a GUEST BATHROOM. To our left: a bathroom the size of our apartment (no joke) equipped with a suana, huge shower (as big as our home bathroom), walk in closets, a spa bath tub that fills up from the ceiling! And then another door leading into our room with a beautiful view of the city and finally a common area, or living room, or a couch and a coffee table! Total fucking hook up! We couldn't believe it and if you like gambling, hotel tonight is the place to book!




WHAT A FUN TRIP! Loved the spontaneity and adventure of it all!

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