Backyard BBQ

I love a good backyard BBQ. Friends, family, delicious food and so much love going around, it's the epitome of a really good day. My best friend's brother is moving up to Oregon and to send him off well we celebrated by being outside, sitting side by side at a picnic style table and eating delicious BBQ. I can only write about the fun experiences, because after the party took off I forgot to take photos because I was enjoying myself too much while eating and mingling with people I love. I was able to capture the set up and sneak in a few outfit photos (because I was really digging my outfit) before the festivities started.

in the pool
The sparkling pool was so gorgeous! Of course I had to take photos!

Okay, so now for the set up. Oh my gosh it was awesome. A long table with wine bottles as vases and beautiful flowers. The only wish from the host was to sit barefoot, on the floor crossed legged enjoying each other's company, and that we did!

long table
Jess and I enjoying the set up. Isn't it just so good?!

Watering cans, coke and wine bottles as vases. Such a perfect DIY. Also, the rocks were a nice last minute touch; it became too windy and the plates were flying everywhere so to anchor them down we found rocks in the front yard.

in the garden
Summer, I love you!

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