Brow Moment

Can we talk about personal eyebrow satisfaction for a moment?

As a kid I never touched my eyebrows. I never went through the over tweezed phase in junior high and I never understood why people waxed. I was always told I had great brows and to never touch them (learned I had a great arch, but still needed to groom). Then I learned why people groomed their brows; oh it was to get rid of that excess hair underneath the arch and to really define them. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh.

I think I was in my early 20's when I finally decided to give the groomed eyebrows a try. I was introduced to threading. At the time it was really all I knew; because let's be real I wasn't going to tweeze on my own without even knowing what to tweeze, and it was cheap. So my brow grooming journey began.

Oh, I was excited. I was like, YES! My brows are finally groomed! There's no unwanted hair, they're perfect to a T, they're.....super thin, although at the time I didn't know this, and quite honestly it's taken me a few years to understand they were thin. So threading I did, every two weeks to be exact. I remember liking a particular girl because she would get them just right (or so I thought). If she wasn't there I'd get another girl doing my brows and she'd make them really thin to the point I only had one or two hairs at the end of my brow (I KNOW!). But, after they'd grow back in I'd go to the same girl and she'd make them good again. I also learned the importance of filling them in. I was so clueless for so long and finally went to Sephora and begged a salesgirl to please, please help these arches out! She did, and I was able to perfect those thin, drawn on arches everyone desired (I think?).

So I started noticing in November brows were having a major, major moment. Obsessed is a little understated, but I became infatuated with brows. I'd go on beauty blogs and search eyebrows and literally created a Pinterest board just so I could look at beautiful arches whenever I pleased. And I wanted to have them. I wanted to have those big, bold, hairy eyebrows I saw all the celebrities have (eyebrow goals= Gigi Hadid) and I wanted to know how to get them. So I started researching, high and low, methods recommended for brow grooming and pros and cons of each. I realized I shouldn't have been threading, and I learned I probably didn't need to go every two weeks, especially if I was looking to get those big brows.

So I discovered the Benefit Beauty Bar and found personally the best method for me was to tweeze. The first time I went I told my girl Janneth that I wanted big, bold Jessica Alba eyebrows, and she looked at me very excitedly but sadly said, "You need to grow them out." I understood. I needed to be patient, but damn it sucked. She walked me through what she was doing, told me she wasn't going to tweeze where I usually got threaded because that needed to grow and she told me she didn't want to see me for another 4 weeks. 4 weeks! It was hard, but grow they did. After those 4 weeks I definitely saw a difference but they still weren't as thick and full as I wanted. "Keep them growing" Janneth said. OK, OK! So I did.

Now it's June and WOW has there been a transformation. I've never been more excited about my eyebrows. I embrace my breaks in between tweezes because quite honestly, the hairier the better for me. I go every five weeks to get my brows groomed. I just prefer that natural, full bush, the-brows-I-had-when-I-was-a-kid look. I also learned how to fill them in to their full potential. I always brush them up rather than to the side to create fullness and finish with volumizing gel to really get fluffiness.

I totally, completely understand the brow obsession and will always strive for #browsonfleek.


My before (way too thin, dark, drawn in) and after (fluffy, big, hairy and natural).

Here's a rundown on the products I use to get my current brows


From the brush to top to bottom:

Brush: Anastasia Duo Brush #12

Pomade: Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade in Chocolate

Gel(s): I go back and forth and started out with Benefit's Gimme Brow but found Maybelline's Brow Drama Gel gives me the same volume Gimme Brow does and is a third of the price!

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