Favorite Moments of 2018

Everything comes to an end and here's to 2018! To recap the last 365 days here are my favorite moments of 2018. Grab a cup a coffee, cozy up and stay while :)

I Bought A Bike Yesterday
Okay, obviously not like yesterday, yesterday but at the beginning of the year. (The whole I bought a bike yesterday is a running joke where Chris and someone else will be having a conversation and I will randomly blurt something out that has literally nothing to do with said conversation. Obviously, this whole bike thing is part of the conversation, but it's one of those things I blurted out, randomly, in a conversation that had absolutely nothing to do with bikes) Chris and I were adamant on purchasing bikes for the new year and utilize them for exploring and exercising. We've executed 20 mile bike dates, celebrated friends birthdays on bikes, taken quick neighborhood rides, rode on the river trail, to breakfast, etc. The goal is keep up the trekking in 2019.

Getting Hair Extensions
Full disclosure: I would never, repeat, never get tied in hair extensions again for reasons of uncomfortableness, and just being overall high maintenance and expensive, BUT, I am happy I did do it because I always had that inkling of I wonder what it's like... They were fun for a hot minute and they gave me the motivation to keep growing my real hair out to be mermaid long, but, that's it. But hey, it was cool to see myself with hair that long and know I can rock it.

Road Trip from Texas to California
Back in March I got a new car, but, the only catch? It was in Texas. So, as one does, we flew out to Texas, hung out with family and then drove back. We stopped in our favorite city, Austin, for a couple days and then powered through New Mexico, to Vegas to home. It was a quick, but really fun trip!

Body Positivity Shift
It's been a gradual shift but over the last year I've finally felt good and comfortable in my body. Throughout my twenties I struggled with feeling good about the way I looked and would often cry, literally, if I put on a pair of pants and they felt tight. Since turning 30 it's become a big, active shift of mine to feel good, weight gain and all, and it's been working, I am finally comfortable with myself, who I am, how I look and feel with my body overall. It hasn't been easy, there are still days I feel blah, but it doesn't take over my life like it used to; and for that, I feel proud and strong.

Escape Room Dominators Retreat
Yup, we did a retreat and yup, it was really fun! We took a quick weekend trip to San Diego and did 6 escape rooms back to back. We had shirts, mugs, we took pictures, and we dominated!

10 Day Trip to Vancouver
My mom, brother and I took a 10 day trip to Vancouver (you can read all about it here) and we explored, ate, rode bikes, and got lost in nature. It was breathtaking and beautiful and helped me really really appreciate the beauty of the earth.

Made a Career Change!
One of my bigger moments of 2018! I had a total career shift and it's something I've been working really hard to get to. If you haven't heard this story, here I go...
I'd been working in the after school sector for awhile; started when I turned 21 and in college with the goal of once graduating to find a job in a different field. Long story short, it never happened. I worked in that job for almost 10 years, got promoted and was doing it, but hated it; it's not what I envisioned myself doing into my late twenties/early thirties. While working that job, I created this blog and started writing, and it felt good. I had a voice and received postive feedback on my style of writing. Fast forward to meeting Bobby (my now boss) at a friends BBQ and our mutual love for Beyoncé. The thing I love about Bobby is he's a go getter, you say maybe, he translates that to yes and it's done. Anyway, he asked if I wanted to go to Beyoncé's concert, I said sure, it was a done deal. After the show we were talking and getting to know each other when I told him I had a blog. "You write? Come write for me!" And that's where it all started. I started freelancing for him writing up bios for new clients, then I transitioned to part-time writing and creating Instagram schedules for clients, and then, finally, I transitioned to full-time where I do something different everyday. I am part of the events team and part of the digital marketing team. I am helping curate and design the interior of a new café from the ground up. I am producing photo and video shoots and having so much fun doing it. I am still writing, which I love. Every day is different, I have never been happier and feel so good I finally was able to make the transition and work my ass off to get here.

Celebrating 10 Years with Chris
10 years goes by really fast when you're having fun. I tell him this often, but I feel really lucky to have Chris in my life. I can be, er, difficult at times and he's the most patient with me. We just mesh really well, find the same things interesting/funny, also find different things interesting/funny and enjoy that about one another. We respect each other, and choose to be together everyday. Not all days are bliss and sometimes we really bug each other, and there have been many times of questioning "Is it worth it?", but, at the end of the day, yes, it's worth it. We care and love each other so much and can't imagine our day to days without each other; and, for that I am forever grateful to have found a person I just like being around so damn much.

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