What does happiness mean? When you’re happy, what comes to mind? What type of feels do you feel when you’re happy?

Happiness: Feeling or showing pleasure of contentment.

Such an easy concept, yet (and I’m going to go out on a limb and say I’m not alone here) we are all searching for general happiness and the concept of finding happiness throughout day to day life.

Obviously, it’s different for everyone. Happiness can be as simple as drinking a really good cup of coffee or experiencing a really amazing tropical vacation. It all differs on the person, place, experience, time, etc. etc. etc.

I’m trying to figure out what makes me truly happy. I realize I base a lot of my happiness on financial stability and professional contentment. I don’t know why I think they’re synonymous- happiness and money/career but here I am admitting I struggle because unless I feel I am successful in that aspect of my life I feel I don’t deserve to be happy. I often think if I were making a lot of money where I could have my cake and eat it too while doing something I wholeheartedly loved I’d be happy. Yet, I don’t make a lot of money and I don’t love my job wholeheartedly. And because I am not particularly happy in that aspect of my life I feel I don’t deserve to be happy in other aspects of my life. Sometimes I'll compare myself to people the same age as me in careers they seem to really love. I compare because I feel jealous, I feel like I am not where I should be in life; I should have figured out what I wanted to do in a career a long time ago. I should be more successful, confident, productive, busy, driven, motivated, creative, a girl boss, ALL THE THINGS! And dammit! I stress out! I stress out that I can’t focus on my happiness of where I’m at in life right now. I stress that is this it? Am I stuck in a job I don’t love forever, FOR-EV-ER!? Will I always be broke? Will I ever truly find my passion in life?... And then the self loathing downward spiral begins…


The reason I’ve decided to write a post on happiness is because I’ve decided to take control of it. I’ve decided that just because I can’t afford a Chloe bag and I’m not in a profession that I am just so damn excited about (at the moment) does not mean I don’t deserve happiness.
I’ve decided from here on out I am going to dedicate a portion of my blog to all things that make me happy (and please share your happiness too!). I mean my blog is called GOOD DAYS ONLY after all.

So without further ado...things that are currently making me extremely happy and I don’t exaggerate when I say extremely:

  1. Cold brews with almond milk...and while on the topic of noshing...stuffing dates with peanut butter. THIS IS SO DELICIOUS! At the end of the day when I need something sweet and a hint of salty? DATES AND PEANUT BUTTER!

  2. Discovering NYX Mirco Brow Pencil. Hello! Full luscious brows coming my way. All the YAAAAAAAS’s!!

  3. Leandra Medine’s (From Man Repeller) podcast Monocycle. This shit is literal gold; okay it’s not literally gold but figuratively this stuff is the stuff of all stuffs! I’m obsessed with her because I feel like she is my best friend explaining all the feels I’ve ever felt about everything related to life and being a late twenty-something. I LOVE YOU LEANDRA MEDINE!

  4. The feeling of diving into a cool body of water on a really hot day. Think about the amazing sensation your head and hair feel being under cold water. It’s seriously the best!

  5. Summer nights. RIGHT?! I mean how amazing to have the sun out till 8PM to do all the activities! Friends, BBQ’s, whipping up a delicious batch of Frosé's. I mean the options are endless!

  6. Blogging at coffee shops. (Currently doing this and it’s making me happy.) I enjoy it. I get a rush from it. It gets me out of the house and I get to people watch and drink $5 lattes! Okay, spending $5 on lattes don’t necessarily make me happy (I need to be more frugal), but the experience of everything while drinking that latte makes me happy.

  7. Lifting weights. Like really heavy weights- my last squat personal record was 275 pounds (humble brag)....I feel like a motha fuckin’ BADASS!

  8. Last but not least, (for this week) my elixirs. Chris makes fun of me but I’m obsessed with making two in particular: the first drink is apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, a little bit of coconut sugar and sparkling water and the second drink is coconut water, 100% aloe vera juice, lemon juice and cilantro, all blended (drank at different times, not together). I know, they sound weird and not super tasty but I promise they are! And I feel like a beautiful fucking glowing goddess when I drink that shit and I mean how can you not feel happy when you feel like a fucking GODDESS!?

What makes you happy? I’d love to hear! Comment below!


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