Missing, Not Missing, Won't be Missing and Won't Forget

Day by day is literal to me. Today has been tough to say the least. But, still doing my fucking best to keep it together and keep my head above water. So finding inspiration from one of my favorite blogs, Man Repeller, and decided to share a list of things I miss right now, things I don't miss, things I won't miss and things I won't forget during this time. Would love to see your list, if you feel like sharing. Feeling like we all need a big hug right now so sending everyone one through my computer screen.


  1. My friends & family IRL
  2. My Faster Fitness Family IRL (and lifting heavy shit, feel like I need it more than ever now!)
  3. Don't feel like cooking nights and figuring out where to eat with the many options available
  4. House parties which include people, in our house, backyard, living room, dining room, bathroom, I DON'T CARE WHERE just people in the house
  5. Getting dressed, having PLANS AND THINGS TO LOOK FORWARD TO
  6. My morning commute
  7. My afternoon commute
  8. Laughing - I feel like I haven't had a good one in awhile
  9. Speaking of laughter - uncontrollable laughter with my editorial team - miss you girls
  10. Impromptu dinner parties because of just because, because really, just because


  1. Filling up my car once a week
  2. Spending all my allowance in one day - my spending expenditures have been prioritized to groceries
  3. Traffic
  4. Feeling like I have to pack everything into one weekend, haha, what is life


  1. Figuring out where to buy paper products
  2. Eating leftovers, all the leftovers to avoid the store
  3. Worrying
  4. Feeling unsure of the future
  5. All. the. anxiety.
  6. Unstructured days, same sweatshirt/pjs/socks/whatever everyday
  7. Not knowing what day is it. Unless I am literally on a white sanded beach somewhere vacationing with a drink in my hand, I want to remember what day it is
  8. Actively creating a 6 feet distance between myself and another human. Shit, I don't know you, but I really want to hug you
  9. COVID-19
  10. Too. much. negative. news.


  1. The outpour of love, support and community
  2. Talking to my friends every day, checking in, sending my love
  3. Pausing to reflect on what I am doing, how I am feeling, focusing on the moment
  4. Feeling resilient and feeling confident I can do this, whatever this is
  5. Everyone who has stepped up and is doing their best to care for the population. Shoutout to the grocery store workers, healthcare workers, mail men and women, Amazon, Fedex, UPS deliverers. Your hard work does not go unnoticed.
  6. Virtual hugs
  7. Feeling grateful for the things I have in this life
  8. Hellos and smiles from strangers 6 feet away
  9. Talking to my loved ones more than ever before
  10. Support near and far

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