Shooting in Venice Beach

It's fun to have a camera that takes good quality photos because now I have every excuse in the world to go and explore places. It was a sporadic decision to head out to Venice Beach to run around and take photos on the canals and boardwalk. My subjects were awesome (canals, Brit, Jess, Chris, thanks!), and it was a really fun excuse to hang out with some of my favorite people. Also, thanks to Jess, Chris and Brit for taking amazing photos!

venice sign

Side note, Brit also got a new camera so we were having a ton of fun shooting each other and the areas around us.


These are two of my best friends. I've know them since 6th grade and our friendship is still going strong!

the gang

I love this photo; us shooting each other.


The other perspective

My favorite portrait of B.

Insert cactus

I am in love with cacti!



shots of shots

sharing photos

chris and i

palm trees

sunglasses on the canal




*Photos by Me, Brit, Chris & Jess

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