Weekday Pleasures

Sunsets, for sure.

Weekdays: get shit done, is it the weekend yet?

Trying to make all weekdays a positive one because I'm guilty of always waiting for the weekend. Instead, why not be grateful for the here and now? Current things that are making me happy this week:

Chia seed pudding! This stuff is good!


Rosé. Yes, it's overrated. Yes, everyone LOVES it. But I mean c'mon...#yeswayroséalltheway because it IS the drink of summer and it's so refreshing on a hot day.


No makeup, makeup. Lately I've really been into just doing my brows (always), wearing a little mascara and applying a little bit of face gloss to give me a dewy look. It takes half the time and gives my skin a break from foundation, powders, etc.

face gloss

...on the topic of brows...I’m trying to do this thing where I tell myself my favorite (physical) trait (because I’m learning to love myself as a person, but I also want to love the way I look). Well I am obsessed with my eyebrows. I'm on the no touching binge (it’s been over a month now), and yes they may be a bit unkempt but I am so excited because they’re finally classified as the feathered brow. So saying I am stoked is an understatement!


Bear Flag. Hands down, the best poke, fish tacos, fish burritos, grilled fish salads, fresh fish, everything fish! AND, they sell coconuts with fresh coconut water for your drinking pleasure. BLISS!


*photo courtesy of @bearflag

What are some things making you happy this week?

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