Marble Vase

If you haven't noticed marble is having a major moment. I have quite the affinity for fresh flowers in a pretty vase and this particular DIY was such a good one I couldn't pass it up!

Seriously, this was so, so easy, fun and the outcome is really awesome. You can really do this to anything you like; I've seen pitchers, planters, mugs, etc. I chose to do a vase because I'm obsessed with flowers and plants in the apartment and really wanted to show the two off.

Supplies needed are:

  1. Cheap nail polish
  2. A ceramic piece of your liking (this 'vase' is actually a utensil holder I found at Cost Plus for $10)
  3. A tray of some sort. I used an aluminum baking tray you can get from essentially anywhere. It's best to use a disposable tray since the nail polish will most likely stick and not come off unless you scrub very intensely using nail polish remover...which brings us to our next supply...
  4. Nail polish remover
  5. Toothpicks or some sort of thin stick
  6. Cotton Balls
  7. And lastly, warm water

Now for the steps!

First you want to fill your tray about 2 inches in depth with warm water. Gently pour the nail polish in a zig zag motion so the paint does not clump together.

nail polish

I used two different types of blue just to give it a more dramatic effect, but really you can use as little or as many different paints as you want.

Then take your toothpick or stick to swirl around the nail polish to really get it absorbed with the water. Do it lightly because you will begin to notice the paint starts gathering onto the stick. The goal here is to get that marbled pattern before you dunk in the piece.


You then dunk! There is so right or wrong way to do this. You just want to do it consistently all around allowing the water and polish to stick to the piece.


Allow the piece to dry for a few hours so the paint can set. Once dry and done you can take the nail polish remover and cotton balls to remove any paint from areas you did not want covered.

And last but not least, realistically my favorite part, you style! I found big, bright sunflowers to compliment the blues.




So happy with how it turned out!

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